Impacting Students and Families



Albert has grown in the 6 years he has been at North Side.  He started in Kindergarten and is now in 5th grade.  Albert experienced difficult times in class because of his inability to manage his temper.  His teachers could see how bright he was and worked with him over the course of three to four years by providing him with the tools he needed to manage his anger.  Albert is now a member of the North Side Student Ambassadors and he has grown in is academics to become one of the strongest students in his class.

Like all charter schools in Missouri, North Side Community School receives per student funding from state funds to operate our educational programs completely tuition-free for all students. However, our school still requires additional funds for capital projects, expansion of educational programs, our Early Childhood Program and many other needs.  That is why donations from individuals, corporations and foundations are so important. They help close the gap and allow us to best meet the needs of each student.  

With your help we can continue making great outcomes for our students and their families.  The collective commitment from friends like you helps our school remain one of the finest charter schools in St. Louis. Your support is sincerely appreciated and ensures the long-term growth and education of not just our current students, but future students as well.

Last year, individual contributors helped grow our school. Our Kindergarten classrooms increased from 4 to 6, we hired an assistant principal and a full-time social worker! Your donation also helped provide a guided reading library for students who are not at grade level, chrome books and tablets for all grade levels and help provide a safe place to learn.

On behalf of our students and staff, we would like to ask for your support. We simply cannot do it without you. Your support will make a real and lasting impact in the lives of those who are in need of a great education.

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