academic philosophy

Our philosophy is a synthesis of three distinct traditions in education.

  1. The first emphasizes the transmission of the basic knowledge and skills of the core subjects, and stresses discipline, high standards, clear goals, and the central role of the teacher in the learning process.
  2. The second expands this focus on basics to include the understanding, analysis, and evaluation of the general (core or essential) knowledge, ideas, beliefs, and values of our culture and the world. This understanding and analysis will be achieved through a constructivist approach to learning and knowledge, complementing the traditional approach used for the basics.
  3. Third, we will give special attention to the personal development of each child, concentrating on the development of those personal qualities necessary for success in school.We also place great importance on the social and interpersonal nature of the learning and schooling process. We believe that the potential of each student is best discovered and developed within the close personal relationships between a student and his/her teachers. Small class and school size (15/classroom, 270/school) make possible these personal relationships and the sense of community instrumental to academic success and personal growth at GCS. The creation of a disciplined, orderly, nurturing, and rich school community life is a vital part of our school. This attention to the social and interpersonal extends beyond students and the school to our families and the larger community. Active parent participation in the school and in the education of their children is important to our program.