Academic Philosophy

Our Education Philosophy

We believe that compassionate individual attention and high expectations are at the core of the successful education of each child. Academic success and character development go hand in hand at North Side. We place great importance on the social nature of the learning and schooling process. Information and skills attainment is paramount, as is the learned ability to exist confidently, respectfully, and responsibly in the world.

We believe that the academic potential of a student is best discovered and developed within the close personal relationship between student and teacher. Small class sizes (15-18 students per classroom) make these relationships possible. These relationships create a strong foundation for a school culture that is structured, nurturing, and driven by individualized goals.

North Side's attention to social and interpersonal enrichment extends beyond students and the school to our families and the larger community. The active involvement of our families and community in the education of our students permeates our culture. Community groups, parents, nonprofit groups, educational specialists, and health specialists come onto our campus regularly. These regular visitors expand our students' worlds and broaden their minds to see the many possibilities their futures hold.