academic character development

What Makes a North Side Knight?

Academic character development is an integral part of education at North Side Community School. Before instruction can be effective, students must be ready to engage in the learning process. Readiness requires students understand and develop essential attitudes and behaviors. We encourage students to be:

  • Respectful and responsible
  • Attentive and engaged
  • Self-disciplined and self-controlled
  • Positive and optimistic
  • Courteous and cooperative
  • Hard-working and achievement-oriented
  • Orderly and organized

Monday Morning Meetings

With respectfulness and responsibility as the focal point, North Side's Monday Morning Meetings explore a host of values, healthy habits, and attitudes strategically selected as most essential to help our students succeed in school and life. The entire student body gathers and participates in interactive learning, video presentations and other experiences to help build healthy habits and strengthen our sense of community.