Our philosophy at North Side is that the school alone does not educate a student. Rather, we do so in conjunction with the family of every student.

Indeed, this is one of the reasons we stress small size and the concept of being a neighborhood school so much. We believe to be successful we must know, not just the student, but the family of the student. When there are too many students in a classroom, the teacher is unable to know the families of all the students in that class. Such a situation would be unacceptable to us.

Likewise, if our students were spread out geographically all over the city, it would be impossible for many parents to spend any time at the school. They rarely would be able to see the classroom and observe their student in action, and rarely would be able to interact with the teacher and our Principal on a personal level. That would be equally unacceptable.

To a significant degree, the educational success of North Side needs the the support of the parent and family. The encouragement and praise for a job well done cannot be over-emphasized. So too is the family support is vital when a student has fallen short. North Side hold its students accountable, and it is important to educational success that our parents and families are willing to do the same.

Parent contributions can be made through volunteering or participation in our Parent Association. This group meets in regularly scheduled sessions throughout the semester with the Principal to discuss any number of issues. We consider this group to be an important part of the education process at North Side.