Support North Side Community School

When you support North Side, you are helping build brighter futures for children in need. Serving a high-crime, low-income area, North Side makes a difference for our most vulnerable children. As our school grows, we need more supporters who want to lend a hand. We have five main pathways to lend your support.

  1. Donate money, stocks or items -- donate now or learn more
  2. Attend or organize events
  3. Volunteer time or services
  4. Garner matching gifts
  5. Shop to give

Why Support North Side?

Like all charter schools in Missouri, North Side receives per-student funding from the state to operate our educational programs tuition-free for all students. However, we need additional funds for maintaining and improving our facilities, expansion of core educational programs, social/emotional student supports, basic living supports for students' families, sustaining pre-K programming, providing free bus transportation, and much more. 

Our families have chosen North Side because they want more opportunities for their children. North Side relies on private and corporate contributions to fulfill the needs of the families who are counting on us. Here's a quick list of very specific actions that might be a fit for you.

  • Attend our annual Magic of Childhood Gala
  • Become a member of the Young Friends Group
  • Volunteer on the Development Committee
  • Host a fundraising or friend raising party
  • Donate books or art supplies

To discuss creative partnerships or your own personal ideas for helping North Side, please contact Deb Cottin at at 314.385.450 x1406.