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Shot of the Febuary 2018 Young Friend's social at Urban Chestnut.

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The Young Friend Board and Young Friends of North Side

The Young Friend’s Board of North Side Community School is made up of a small group of 7 to 10 professionals that support the Board of Trustees as well as our students, families and community. The board meets monthly to discuss strategic initiatives ranging from fundraising to tactical execution of events. A focus of the board has been raising awareness and fostering engagement within the greater St. Louis community, and to this end the Young Friends of North Side group has been created.

Who are the Young Friends of North Side?

Young professionals that understand the impact of education on our own lives and believe all children should have access to high quality education, irrespective of where they grow up. We support and rally around North Side Community School because of its outstanding results in closing the education gap in North St. Louis.

What is expected of a Young Friend?

Becoming a Young Friend shows that you are committed to serving our children and our community. We founded this group with the primary intent of engaging Young Friends’ hearts and minds in support of our community of children, parents and educational professionals!  We expect Young Friends to actively engage with the school whether that means attending a volunteer day, tutoring a group of children or supporting a Young Friend’s social event. All Young Friends also make a small but symbolic financial contribution of $50 per year to the school.

How to Join

To join the Young Friends of North Side click here to make an annual donation of $50 or more.

What Are the Engagement Opportunities for Young Friends?

We have various events happening throughout the year that we strongly encourage all young friends to attend:

  • Young Friends socials are opportunities to meet and get to know other young professionals in our group and learn more about the school.
  • Give a Morning to North Side is a Young Friends’ sponsored volunteer day at the school where once a quarter we all get dirty while helping to make the school more beautiful (typically on Saturday from 9am-1pm).
  • Rollin’ with North Side is the Young Friends’ annual engagement and fundraising event.
  • The Magic of Childhood is the school’s annual fundraiser (which had been lead by a member of the Young Friends two years in a row).

By being a Young Friend you will also be able to (i) stay up to date with the school through our newsletter, (ii) meet other young professionals in St. Louis and (iii) have access to other leadership opportunities at the school (i.e. joining the Young Friends Board, joining a leadership committee and/or joining the school’s Board of Directors).

Have questions or want to learn more about the school? Contact Muriel Smith, Director of Development by email or by calling her during business hours at 314-385-9502, ext. 750.