Open Positions

  • Director of Finance and Operations
  • Operations Manager

Director of Finance and Operations

Job Description

This position reports directly to the CEO/Executive Director. The Director of Finance and Operations develops financial plans and leads cash operations. The Director must be able to master charter school financial modeling and integrate those concepts into annual budgets and long-range projections supported by data. The Director provides oversight for all school operations and finances. This position has two direct reports, the Operations Manager and the Accountant, both full-time positions.

Finance responsibilities

  • Carry out financial modeling and analysis
  • Utilize financial models to support organization-wide strategic decision-making
  • Define metrics to monitor and predict the financial performance of entities across the organization.
  • Develop systems to track performance measurements and make decisions around resource allocation
  • Identify areas for cost efficiencies
  • Build systems, tools, and processes to track, analyze and report on cash flow and liquidity
  • Lead the cash forecasting process and improve the accuracy and reliability
  • Prepare working capital analysis based on forecasts and budget submissions
  • Serve as finance liaison creating and presenting monthly finance presentations at Board of Directors and Finance Committee meetings
  • Assists school principals to oversee budgets and prepare data analysis and reporting to the state and funders
  • Ensures adherence to school fiscal policy and procedures, tracks deliveries, and maintains inventories and fixed assets
  • Oversee the integrity of the school including the operation of the scholar information system


  • Maintain and track staff vacation, sick and personal days
  • Oversee and administer employee benefits and HR policies
  • Assist in the hiring process and background checks of potential employees

Regulations and Reporting

  • Ensure compliance with all state, federal, and district deadlines (i.e. DESE regulations, federal grants, Charter Sponsor requirements/deadlines, contracts, and workplace regulations). Includes DESE Core Data and MOSIS State Reporting.

Student Information

  • Ensure that student records are properly maintained and updated at the school
  • Ensure all school accountability data is being kept, revised, and recorded regularly and accurately and reported out regularly

To apply for this position, send your cover letter and resume to CEO Chester Asher at

Operations Manager

This position is critical to the success of the day-to-day running of the school. This position will report to the Director of Finance and Operations.

  • Ensure that all scholar and staff IT needs are met including the ability to troubleshoot all online platforms
  • Each year prepare the campus for start-up/new school year by ordering furniture, equipment, and classroom supplies as well as ensuring that school services (e.g. student food services and transportation) are prepared
  • The Facilities Manager, Transportation Supervisor, and Kitchen Managers report to the Operations Manager


  • Manage all school operations for multiple school campuses
  • Support in the oversight of the planning and execution of school special events
  • Manage scheduling and use of AV, equipment/IT
  • Create and manage the schedules and coverage for the aftercare program and substitutes for teachers

Food and Transportation

  • Coordinate/supervise breakfast, lunch, and snack scheduling and distribution for all campuses
  • Manage all food transportation issues and communicate with parents regarding food issues
  • Ensure compliance with DESE food and nutrition services along with the National Breakfast and Lunch program requirements.
  • Collaborate with transportation and food service vendors to ensure all students are eligible for transportation

School Safety

  • Oversee execution of all safety drills (fire, tornado, etc)
  • Oversee Safety and Security Personnel
To apply for this position, send your cover letter and resume to CEO Chester Asher at

About North Side Community School

  • North Side is a highly successful public charter school founded in 2009 to serve the surrounding African-American community in north St. Louis City
  • North Side now serves 545 students in pre-K through 7th grade
  • North Side is the highest performing open-enrollment public elementary school in the City of St. Louis
  • The school’s recent awards include Public Charter School of the Year, Champion of Education Reform, and a What’s Right with the Region Award for Promoting Racial Equality and Social Justice
  • North Side classes have just 15-18 students each
  • 100% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch
  • North Side believes the best method of education is through personal attention
  • North Side is a neighborhood school, predominantly serving the children in its attendance area, a radius of three miles around the school
  • We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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