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Archive March 18-April 3 Assignments and Supports 

At-Home Learning Packets

Welcome Kindergarten Parents and Guardians,

From this page, you can view or print your child's Remote Learning Packets by subject area. Please note that all assignments may be completed at a pace that works for you and your child. However, the packets must be thoroughly completed and submitted by the first day that we return to school.

To help keep you on track, the days where the work would have happened at school are written onto the corresponding sheets in the packets.

For Help with Lessons: Before emailing or calling your teacher, try accessing the learning resources and videos shared below in the "Daily Support for Finishing Your Packets" section. These tools may contain the guidance you need to help your child complete the work. If after watching the videos, your child is still struggling to do the work, please reach out to your teacher.

Packets for Students of Ms. Taylor, Ms. Thompson, and Ms. Starks

ELA Packet (24 pages)

Math Packet

Science Packet (24 pages)

Social Studies Packet (9 pages)

Writing Packet

Packets for Students of Ms. Howard and Ms. Keys

Ms. Howard's Note to Parents, Daily Schedule and Video Links
Ms. Howard's Class Packet

Ms. Keys' Class Packet
Daily Recorded Video Lessons

Daily Support for Finishing Your Packets for Ms. Taylor, Ms. Thompson, and Ms. Starks

English Language Arts

ELA - Letter 3/18 Letter A
ELA- Sight Word 3/18 Sight Word Did
ELA - Concept 3/18 Blending Sounds
ELA - Letter 3/19 Letter E
ELA- Sight Word 3/19 Sight Word for
ELA - Concept 3/19 Rhyming Words
ELA - Letter 3/30 Letter I
ELA- Sight Word 3/30 Sight Word come
ELA - Concept 3/30 Blending Sounds
ELA - Letter 3/31 Letter O
ELA- Sight Word 3/31 Sight Word are
ELA - Concept 3/31 Comprehension
ELA - Letter 4/1 Letter U
ELA- Sight Word 4/1 Sight Word How
ELA - Concept 4/1 Substitute Phonemes
ELA - Letter 4/2 Vowel Review
ELA- Sight Word 4/2 Sight Word now
ELA - Concept 4/2 Substitute Phonemes
ELA - Letter 4/3 Vowel Review
ELA- Sight Word 4/3 Sight Word She
ELA - Concept 4/3 Rhyming Words

ELA Spring Break

3/23-3/27 ttps:// Letter Ll
3/23-3/27 Sight word "did"
3/23-3/27 Manipulating Sounds-Ending Sound
3/23-3/27 Letter Ww
3/23-3/27 Sight word "for"
3/23-3/27 Manipulating Sounds-Beginning Sound
3/23-3/27 Letter Ll
3/23-3/27 Letter Ww
3/23-3/27 Manipulating Sounds-Mixed Sounds


Date to Do Work Link to Helpful video  Video Topic
3/18 data- graphs
3/19 ( data-graphs-tally marks
3/30 ttps:// addition with photos
3/31 making 10
4/1 addition
4/2 addition
4/3 addition word problems



Social Studies



Writing Spring Break
3/23-3/27 How to plan a sentence
3/23-3/27 Stretch out sounds
3/23-3/27 Stretch out sounds Pt. 2 Hear the sound
3/23-3/27 Wrtiing narratives
3/23-3/27 Writing Small moments

Project-based Learning
These videos are offered by Ms. Cox so our young scholars can continue to learn about the beautiful world outside while we all stay inside. We suggest getting under a blanket and watching these together and discussing what you see.


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