Sixth Grade

Codes for Sixth-Graders

Ms. Bell's Classes

ELA Writing White

  • mohgkzn

ELA Writing Yellow

  • mohgkzn

ELA Writing Green

  • mohgkzn


Ms. Henderson's Classes

Math White

  • xrzlu4b

Math Yellow

  • mobmatrhj

Math Green

  • 5rfg72q


Ms. Sheble's Classes

ELA Reading

  • i35vkah


Mr. Thurman's Classes

Social Studies Yellow

  • ml42eb

Social Studies Green

  • zryezsc

Social Studies White

  • mnt5r3i


Archive March 18-April 3 Assignments and Supports 

At-Home Learning Packets

Welcome Sixth Graders and Parents/Guardians,

From this page, you can view or print Remote Learning Packets by subject area. Please note that all assignments may be completed at your child's pace, however, the packets must be thoroughly completed and submitted by the first day that we return to school.

For Help with Lessons: Please, before emailing or calling your teacher, try accessing the learning resources and videos shared below in the "Daily Support for Finishing Your Packets" section. These tools may contain the guidance you need to help your child complete the work.

Ms. Bell's English Language Arts/Writing Lessons

Dates Google Classroom Pass codes
Google Classroom Code: svtm5tk to join the class. Enter readworks class code: CFHHNP

Ms. Sheble's English Language Arts Lessons

Dates Link Pass codes
3/18-4/3 www. 6G code:cabvdwi 6W code: 7k4nelw 6Y code: ujhkmhr

Mr. Bozdech's Science Lessons

3/19-3/20 Summarize in a paragraph
4/1 Summarize in a paragraph
4/2-4/3 Complete with guide sheet

Mr. Thurman's Social Studies Lessons

Note to Parents 3/18-4/3


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