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Archive March 18-April 3 Assignments and Supports 

At-Home Learning Packet

Welcome Preschool Parents and Guardians,

From this page, you can view or print your child's Remote Learning Packet.  Please note that all assignments may be completed at your child's pace, however, the packets must be thoroughly completed and submitted by the first day that we return to school.

Pre-kindergarten Packet

For Help with Lessons: Please, before emailing or calling your child's teacher, try accessing the learning resources and videos shared below in the "Daily Support for Finishing Your Packet" section. These tools may contain the guidance you need to help your child complete the work.

Daily Support for Finishing Your Packet from Ms. Bates, Ms. Walls, and Ms. Woods

English Language Arts

3/18 - 4/3
3/18 - 4/3
3/18 - 4/3
3/18 - 4/3


3/18 - 4/3
3/18 - 4/3


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