Enrollment is Now Open for All Families

Save a Spot for Your Child to Learn Beyond Expectations

We are pleased that you are interested in enrolling your child at our school. North Side is a public charter school, open and free to children residing in the City of St. Louis. We offer a rigorous curriculum for students in grades pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Enrollment is now open for new families. Current families are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible at school. 

You may enroll in any of the following ways. Take note that however you enroll, you will make at least one visit to the school as part of the process, so please allow time for that. Please let us know if there is anything else you need to successfully enroll your child.

Any student in kindergarten through 8th grade enrolled at North Side Community School can opt to take a course virtually through the Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP), organized through Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). You may contact your principal for help in accessing this process.  

Pre-enrollment Preparation

Please prepare for a smooth enrollment by collecting requested supporting documents in advance. It may also be helpful to preview our forms before completing them.

Four Ways to Enroll

1. ONLINE - Use this Link to get to our student information system site. Select the Parent Tab under the logo and click the Register New Family link under the password field to receive an email registration link.

2. VISIT US: Please schedule the appointment in advance and wear a mask or ask for one when you arrive. Due to COVID-19 precautions, all enrollments and tours/visits for all grade levels preK-8th will be handled at: 

Elementary (preK-4) | 3033 N. Euclid Ave 63115 | Ms. Luckett: 314-385-9502 X1609 or email 

Middle School (5-8) | 620 N. Grand Blvd. 63103 | Ms. Ellis 314-499-2009 X3100 or email

At this time, online registration is only available at our campus.

NOTE: Our PreK campus is located at 1916 N. Euclid Ave. 63115.

3. Download and print the 2022-23 Enrollment Packet  as well as the student application. Fill it out by hand and return it with the requested supporting documents in person or by scanning and emailing the documents to the appropriate office listed above (preK, elementary or middle). Then, you will need to visit the main office to submit the required supporting documents (in the checklist above).

4. MAIL: Contact the grade-level office (above) and request that the full enrollment packet be mailed to your home. 

Then, you will need to visit the correct grade-level office (above) to submit the enrollment packet and required supporting documents (listed in the checklist above in the Pre-enrollment Preparation section).

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