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Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The mission of North Side Community School — a charter school serving urban neighborhoods — is to improve each student's opportunities in education and in life by developing the skills, knowledge, and personal qualities necessary for success.

Values & Beliefs

  • Every child deserves an excellent education.
  • Every child is capable of learning and succeeding in school and in life.
  • Success in school and the development of positive habits and personal qualities will improve students' opportunities in and beyond school.
  • Student growth is greatest when we develop strong relationships with students and their families.
  • The academic and personal development of each student is the result of their commitment, discipline, hard work, perseverance, and personal responsibility.

JUSTICE Character Education Program Values

At North Side, we work on developing social and emotional intelligence every day. We specifically work on developing key character traits at our school-wide Monday Morning Roundtables where we are all "Knights Seeking Justice."

Each of our students is known as a scholar. A scholar is a person who seeks knowledge. Each scholar is also taught to seek J.U.S.T.I.C.E. That means each scholar is provided academic structure and emotional support to be:

  • JUST Truthful and fair at all times even when you may get in trouble.
  • UNAPOLOGETIC Stand up for what is right, even when others disagree. Speak up loud and proud.
  • SELF-DISCIPLINED Make the right decisions even when those decisions are difficult and no one is looking.  
  • TENACIOUS Work hard. Seek greatness in everything that you do. Do all of your classwork and all of your homework each and every day. Never give up. Try, try, and try some more. 
  • INQUISITIVE Be eager to understand and question everything. Look it up. Try new things. 
  • COURTEOUS AND CONSIDERATE Be kind. Play nice. Share. Use PETSY (Please, Excuse Me, Thank you, Sorry, You're welcome). Consider how others will feel before you speak or take action.
  • ENTHUSIASTIC Smile! Always participate. Show off your work. Be optimistic. 


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