Our Staff

Leadership Team

John Grote - Executive Director - 314.385.9502

Stella Erondu - Principal (Elementary School) - 314.385.9502

Leah Harris - Principal (Middle School) - 314.499.2009 

Sara Paracha - Director of Development - 314.499.1993

William Randall - Finance and Accounting Manager - 314.385.9502

Lance Sprenkle - Operations Manager - 314.385.9502 

Elementary School


Martine McGull - Assistant Principal 

Caroline Brightman - Director of Curriculum and Instructional Coach


Rachel Benda - 3rd Grade

Abby Bennett - Elementary School Art

Ingrid Bonds - 1st Grade

Irene Chaudry - Para

Lucy Christianson - 4th Grade

Charley Clark - 1st Grade

Ben Constantino - 2nd Grade

Denice Cox - Special Projects 

Angela Cuartas - 1st Grade

Rita Daniels - 3rd Grade Reaching Assistant

Maggie Ferry - Kindergarten

Sheryl Hansen - Elementary School Music

Chism Hennessey - 3rd Grade 

Julie Howard - Kindergarten

Yolanda Jackson - 2nd Grade

Mary Jensen - Director of Special Education

Clarence Johnson - Elementary School PE

Katherine Kramer - 2nd Grade

Anne Lacey - 2nd Grade

Keyena McClendon - 3rd Grade

Tayhlor Milfield - 1st Grade Teaching Assistant

Patricia Perkins - Kindergarten

Jenell Prince - 4th Grade

Magan Rose - 3rd Grade

Amanda Shuman - 4th Grade

Tamara Simmons - Elementary School Special Education

Yvette Smith - 1st Grade

Laura Starks - 1st Grade

Theresa Starks - 3rd Grade

Kaley Truman - Elementary School Special Education

Jean Turney - 2nd Grade

Tabitha Walls - Kindergarten

Theresa Watkins - 2nd Grade Teaching Assistant

Jaculyn White - 4th Grade

Fran Woods-Jackson - Kindergarten

Middle School 


Stephon Greenlee - Assistant Principal

Delisa Ellis - Middle School Secretary


Jessica Allen - Middle School Counselor

Wanda Aponte - 5th Grade English

Doel Bailey - 5th - 8th Grade Physical Education

Harmony Bell - 6th and 7th Grade English

Paul Bozdech - 5th and 6th Grade Science

Noelle DeHaan - 6th and 7th Grade Math

Jennifer Gabrien - 8th Grade Math

Valerie Gregory - Middle School Nurse

Lynda Ha - 5th - 8th Grade Art

Mary Hamilton - 7th Grade Math

Kenya Henderson - 5th Grade Math

Sandra Holloway - Special Education

Jade Nelson - 5th and 6th Grade Math

Heather Sheble - 7th Grade English

Niesha Thomas - 8th Grade English

Jeff Thurman - 6th - 8th Grade Social Studies

Jennifer Tyndall - 6th - 8th Grade Science

TaLia Underwood - 5th and 6th Grade English

Cait Zona - 5th and 6th Grade Social Studies

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