Our Staff

Leadership Team

Doug Thaman - Executive Director - 314.385.9502 ext. 1611

Ginger Luckett - Administrative Assistant - 314.385.9502 ext. 1609

Martine McGull - Principal (Elementary School) - 314.385.9502 ext. 1101

Stephon Greenlee - Principal (Middle School) - 314.499.2009 ext. 3306

Mike McClelland - Facilities/ IT Manager - 314.385.9502 ext. 1612

William Randall - Director of Finance and Human Resources - 314.385.9502 ext. 1610

James Beverly III - Director of Development and Communications - 314.385.9502 ext. 1606

Elementary School


Jetan Totton- Assistant Principal 

Charlsetta Clark - Early Childhood Center Director

Jeanne Bryant - Early Childhood Center Secretary

Brittany Bailey - Elementary School Secretary

Rob Ciampoli - Development Assistant

Kaitlyn Gresham - Development and Marketing Associate 

Teachers & Faculty

Rachel Benda - 3rd Grade

Alexis Brandt - 1st Grade

Anna Collier-Moore - 3rd Grade 

Ben Constantino - KG Teaching Assistant

Angela Cuartas - 1st Grade

Rita Daniels - 3rd Grade Teaching Assistant

Rahkia Davis - Kindergarten

Sophia Davis - 1st Grade

Chris Greenlee - 4th Grade Teaching Assistant

Sheryl Hansen - Elementary School Music

Lindsay Hawsey - Kindergarten

Pam Hill - Transportation

Emily Jackson - Elementary School Nurse

Yolanda Jackson - 2nd Grade

Mary Jensen - Director of Special Education

Clarence Johnson - Elementary School PE

Maggie Lattrace - 2nd Grade

Emma Maher - PreK

Mara McCallister - Social Worker

Tayhlor Milfeld - PreK

Keisha Moody-Seymour - Instructional Coach

Patrice Perkins - Kindergarten

Nora Richey - 1st Grade

Amanda Shuman - 4th Grade

Ken Siwek - 4th Grade

Trent Smith - Art Teacher

Lindsey Stewart - 2nd Grade

Kaley Truman - Elementary School Special Education

Madeline Van Dan Elzen - Elementary School Special Education

Tabitha Walls - PreK

Serenity Walker - Language Development

Therese Watkins - 2nd Grade Teaching Assistant

Brenna Weidman - 4th Grade 

Elizabeth Wyant - Elementary School Teaching Assistant

Middle School 


Doel Bailey - Dean of Students and Culture

Delisa Ellis - Middle School Secretary

Teachers & Faculty

Jack Bernard - 5th/6th Grade Social Studies

Marquita Blackmon - Middle School Nurse

Jessica Bonner - 5th/ 6th Grade Science 

Noelle DeHaan - 6th Grade Math

Shannon Edwards - Middle School Art Teacher

Mary Hamilton - 7th Grade Math

Briana Henley - Teaching Assistant

Lauren Hinkson - 8th Grade Math

Kelsey Jones - 7th Grade English 

Lori Jones - Reading Specialist

Darla Krause - Middle School Special Education

Tom Mackowiak - High School Placement Coordinator

Taylor Martin - 5th Grade English

James McLarren - Middle School Physical Education

Courtney Moulder - Instructional Coach

Ashley Norris - 7th/8th Grade Science

William Norris - Middle School Special Education

Dominique Nuckolls - 5th Grade Math

Jeneil Prince - 6th Grade English

Mahoganny Richardson - Teaching Assistant

Heather Sheble - 8th Grade English

Jessie Tavares - Social Worker

Jeff Thurman -  7th/8th Grade Social Studies

Crystal Tomlinson - Middle School Special Education


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