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Meet Anthony

When Anthony started at North Side Community School as a first-grader, he was far behind his classmates in language arts and math, a difficult spot to be in. He struggled to behave, disrupting classes and earning a reputation as “wild” among his peers. Something had to change for Anthony to get on a better path.

Anthony went through the NSCS assessment program. It was determined that speech therapy at NSCS and occupational therapy from an outside expert would help him find a way to learn that worked for him. In addition, his principal and teachers developed an individual education plan to bring him up to grade level. It was called Core, More and More: core instruction with his small class, more with his classroom teacher working with him individually, and more with extensive tutoring outside of core learning time.

From the beginning, Anthony and his father met often with our principal and teachers, but Anthony continued to struggle. A decision had to be made about advancing him to the next grade. Despite difficulties and potential stigma, Anthony and his father made the decision to agree to stay back a grade and continued working closely with our staff. The next year, Anthony was taught patiently, carefully and with great compassion. He persevered with his plan, Core, More and More. 

In year three at North Side, Anthony is transformed. He is reading and doing math above grade level. He has matured and is a delightful young child--respectful, polite, friendly and happy. With the dedication, perseverance and collaboration of Anthony, his father, therapists, and our North Side education team, Anthony is thriving.

Meet De'Aira

De'Aira transferred to North Side as a second-grader. She had a lot of acclimating and learning to become comfortable in the high-expectation environment that makes up North Side. In the beginning of the year, she struggled with reading comprehension and basic math skills. Over the course of the year, not only did her general outlook about school improve, she became one of the highest performers in her classroom. She was excited to come to school and learn and put a lot of effort into excelling. She blossomed into a positive and serious student well before the end of her second-grade year. 

Meet Alaniaya

At the beginning of the school year, Alaniaya had a very difficult time focusing on her schoolwork. She constantly forgot her book bag, folder or homework. She was not organized and needed a lot of assistance. Every day she worked with the second-grade classroom aide to help her and was given extra homework to complete. After counseling with her family and continuation of individualized guidance, Alaniaya now comes to school ready to learn every day. She participates in class and reads a chapter book nearly every week. 

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